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As the parent company of Kids & Family for more than 16 years, HOO KNOWS® has been the trusted liaison between local, family-themed businesses and the parents that depend upon their goods and services in more than 10 cities across America.

We established ourselves as the leader in digest-sized magazines almost two decades ago through our commitment to providing the best family-themed goods and services in each city in which we do business.

Today, we work hard to remain the go-to family and kids resource because of our unwavering devotion to bringing you – the busy parent – the most comprehensive, up-to-the minute business listings, events, inspiring anecdotes, informative articles, and insightful tips in both our monthly print publications and on our community-focused websites.


The most illustrious, clever and compelling HOO KNOWS® owl family butler is our logo, and also the visual interpretation of our brand. Loyal, wise and devoted, HOO KNOWS® where:

  • To find the most exciting family things to do around town with kids
  • To find the best health service providers in town
  • The kid-friendly restaurants are around town
  • The best venue to book your child’s birthday party – or where to find the vendors to bring the party home to you
  • The best weekend, seasonal and special events are happening to get your family out of the house and into an mesmerizing, unforgettable bonding experience

HOO KNOWS® Community

HOO KNOWS® that it takes a village to raise a child into a happy, well-adjusted member of society. That is why we warmly extend an invitation to you to Contact Us with your parenting tips, crafts and recipes. We can not wait to hear your clever tips on handling sticky situations with children of all ages; to re-create your inventive, homemade arts and crafts projects; and to savor every bite of your delicious, kid-friendly culinary feats.