Customer Testimonies

“Kids & Family New Orleans is a wonderful asset to the New Orleans area community –- a great digest for parents. As owners of a new kids’ entertainment facility, BooKoo Bounce, we have been very pleased with the results advertising in it has provided to us. Advertising with Kids’ and Family New Orleans made it possible for us to book birthday parties well in advance of even opening our doors to the public, and it continues to drive a significant portion of our advertising response today.”

– Gia Sausse, BooKoo Bounce

 “I have been using this as my only means of advertising for years! I LOVE the beginning of each month because my phone does not stop ringing. I have many, many loyal customers that found me through Kids & Family. I also have been able to help others start their own businesses and become very successful which is a goal each year for me personally. My most successful team members found me through my ad in Kids & Family. We are like one big family all working together to help each other have successful home based businesses. We are all very thankful for this resource that has brought us together!!!”

– Jill, Bayou Scents Gold Canyon Candles

 “I have to stop and tell you that your book ROCKS! We have a wonderful reaction to your magazine. We always ask our clients how they have heard of us and if it isn’t a personal referal…it’s usually from your magazine. I just wanna say, Thanks!”

– George Kuchler Owner/Photographer- GK Photography

 “My business has received a lot of attention since advertising in Kids resource guide.” 

– Susan Ramsey, Party Pals Owner

 “Just so you know the response from the Kids & Family has been overwhelming. We have over 60 names on our mailing list and have booked 10 birthday parties in just the few weeks the book has been out. We haven’t done any other advertising. So thanks again for the “coming soon” suggestion. It’s given us a great head start.” 

– Katharine, Owner, Ducky Joe’s 

 “My wife and I recently started a new business, The Bounce House-Mandeville’s newest indoor family fun and party center.  My background is sales and marketing and in my years as a VP of Sales and Marketing for a well known and globally marketed audio products company, I’ve never seen an ad response like we receive from Kids & Family for The Bounce House. Our ad in Kids & Family has helped propel us to more than triple our initial business projections during our first 60 days in business!  We can tell when the new books comes out because our phone starts ringing off the hook!”

– Erick Lewko, Owner The Bounce House

 “I know from personally answering the phones that at least 1 in 3 calls says they saw us in the Kids & Family magazine. We now use various methods of advertising, but next to word of mouth, Kids & Family (New Orleans & Northshore) produces the highest enrollment results. Thanks for your wonderful magazine!”

– Wanda Cullen, Director Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Reader Testimonies

I use it for kid-friendly services as well as for ideas for “field trips” with my children. I also find ideas for birthday parties and other activities for my children –  and for myself. Jennifer J.

This publication is so very helpful for me and my little one! Weekends are the only time we have to spend together and this manual is our savior. It’s free to pick up at the doctor’s office or shops on Magazine St. We also save on coupons and find out about all the little secret spots and places that others don’t have a clue about! We were also featured in an issue through Healthy Start New Orleans! Amazing Issues and great help. This book is perfect. Like a little kids manual! Ashley L.

I always look through your magazine for activities for my daughter and for what to do on the weekend and on our off days. The most recent being Boo Koo Bounce in Elmwood – boy did we have a blast.

I love your magazine and all of the places it informs me of that my daughter and I can take part in. Tia L.

I can’t describe how helpful New Orleans Kids & Family has been. I have a son born in October which means it is usually cold, so I tried to find an indoor place (besides my home) that I could have his 2nd birthday party. I found Gymrompers! The party was a hit and everyone loved it! If it was not for your publication I would have never found that place. Your publication gives me great ideas every year. I have 3 children so I am planning often. Thanks! Onikah C.

Use your publication for party ideas, cakes, and summer activities for my son. It’s avaluable and informative resource that really fills a void for children’s activities. I tell everyone I know about it. Casey L.

Since my pregnancy I used it a lot to find doctors, 4d ultrasound places and after that
I have been using it to find children’s clothing stores, photography and much more. Almost every advertisement in the magazine is helpful for me and actually I always use it online because is more convenient. I think it is a very interesting magazine especially the kid’s activities the magazine advertises are awesome. I hope you are always around to keep helping parents like me. Daniella O.

The book helps me plan for birthday parties and fieldtrips for my school and myself. I love this book!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. Kristie W.